It’s become very apparent that I’m at a significant lack of any free time. Much of this is due to the fact that I’m back in the swing of a school year routine. This is my graduating year. Theoretically speaking, I will have my HBA in Psychology as of April 2012. This year is a very busy year.

Everything that happens to me academically this year, more or less, dictates what happens for the rest of my life. As I plan on continue my education at a different institution, studying Criminology, my grades have to be at a certain level in order to get in. I’m finding this incredibly strenuous and stressful. I have very little doubt that I can do it, but it’s still stressful to me.

As such, I have very little time to read my books, post on this blog, or even write in my own personal journal. I’m very aware that most, if not all, students are undergoing this same time constraint. Here’s to hoping that the routine gets easier to manage.

And I don’t know much
But I do know this
With a golden heart
Comes a rebel fist
And I can’t help agreeing
With those that would not quit.
~ Streetlight Manifesto – Here’s to Life


~ by Aubrey Smith on September 18, 2011.

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