The Road to an Honours Thesis – Part 2

The school year has come to a close. This means I have more time to do fun things, like actually READ books! This also means I’m beginning the preliminary research for my thesis. The topic is heavy, and a bit unorthodox, but I found myself greatly interested after taking a specific course this semester. Now, onto my topic of research! Drum roll please…

I will be researching the perpetrator motivations for genocide and genocidal mass violence by comparing two genocides in order to show that not all perpetrators are mass murdering psychopaths, nor were they all complicit in their actions. I am looking into a comparison of the Cambodian genocide, and the Bosnian genocide.

Like I said, pretty heavy stuff. An Honours thesis, and degree, is very recent at my university – until this year, it was only a 3-year major program. Some of my criminology friends at other university mostly wrote their theses on murder, assault, and single-perpetrator violence of that nature. I’d like to take a fresh approach to criminology – a more critical approach.

I’ve picked up a few books along the way – a couple I will review here, others I will not. Once school starts back up again in the fall, and I begin my seminars, I’ll have a much better idea of how this is going to go down. By then, I’ll hopefully have weekly thesis updates!


~ by Aubrey Smith on April 21, 2014.

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