The Road to an Honours Thesis – Part 4

Well, two solid weeks of school down, and I’m more than content with my decision to split my thesis year into two years. Had I attempted to get it all done last year, I’d have been a burnt out, sloppy mess.

The course work isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is time consuming. Each week, I have enough readings and research materials to go over to occupy a solid 8-10 hours every day. On top of course attendance and regular working hours.

I’m not quite worried yet. I’m quite sorted it out as it is at the moment. However, I have yet to begin actually writing my thesis – though I have begun some of the preliminary research and fact gathering. What makes this thesis so much different than other research projects I’ve worked on is that I’m primarily working with secondary sources. I don’t have to gather my own data, or conduct surveys. Essentially, my thesis requires me to write an extensive literature review to explain my point.

All that said, as it stands, I think this year will go by rather smoothly. With the assistance of coffee and wine, of course.


~ by Aubrey Smith on September 13, 2014.

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