The Road to an Honours Thesis – Part 6

One semester down, and one to go. I cannot bloody wait for this year to end – 7 long years of school have started to take their toll. Thankfully, the dreaded statistics course is done and over with, as with an advanced seminar which focused solely on Michel Foucault. Now, my attentions must be focused elsewhere.

It would seem that, by the end of January, I should have outlined and written the majority of my thesis. As of the moment, I haven’t a bloody clue how that’s going to go. I’ve started the research, acquired books, and I’ve begun outlining the main ideas I will be using. I suppose now I have to start putting it all together.

I have a hell of a lot of reading to do over the next few weeks, and a lot more research to do. Hopefully, by the end of January, I’ll have figured out how to go about organizing the bulk of my thesis in an orderly fashion. By then, if I haven’t gotten myself together, it’s way too late.


~ by Aubrey Smith on December 9, 2014.

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