The Road to an Honours Thesis – The Final Chapter

As of today, I have officially submitted my honours thesis. It is titled – Seeking the Answer: A Cambodian Case Study. The purpose of the qualitative case study was to examine patterns within secondary literature on the Cambodian genocide, in order to analyze perpetrator motivations for committing this genocide at the macro-, meso-, and micro-levels of orientation. What I found, in terms of this specific genocide, are patterns of xenophobia and nationalism at the macro-level; bureaucracy and militarism at the meso-level, and; culture, socialization, and psychological factors at the micro-level.

This is nowhere near a complete explanation of genocide perpetration in Cambodia. This is what I found based on my case study.

It’s been a bloody long road to get here. Seven years, total, of university; 2 honours degrees; and too many minors to count. I am never, I repeat, never, putting myself through this again. I’ve reached my limit academically.

As I wait for my final grades to come in, I’m beginning my job search. What the hell am I going to do with a criminology and psychology double honours is anyone’s best guess – I can’t do much beyond entry-level positions without at least an MA, or some Master’s degree of sorts. And that’s just find by me. I have no aspirations to enter an academically competitive field, where a ‘best of the best’ mentality is all there is to offer. That is not for me. I will bide my time, enjoy some free-time and relaxation, and proceed to read books.

I thank everyone for their support during this process – it’s been tough. But I made it through, and now I can move on, enter the workforce, and support my incredible husband with his future endeavors.

Also, now that the whole school thing is – finally – over, I can go back to reading like a maniac, and updating this blog more frequently. I hope to have a new post up next week, and I hope I keep reading like a total maniac.


~ by Aubrey Smith on April 16, 2015.

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