On Another Personal Note

Hey guys,

So, for the next little while, there might be some relative radio silence from me. There’s a good reason for that. Mainly, after taking a year for myself and my work, I decided to go back to school. Yes, again. Third time’s the charm, it seems.

The decision to go back was not an easy one to make. There is a lot at stake, and a lot to consider when making a decision like this. It boiled down to a few different reasons for me.

After graduating a year and a bit ago, I got very lucky. I was able to keep doing the job I was doing through university, and I was able to turn that into my career. The one drawback is that the work is freelance – it’s very precarious, and it takes a lot of time and energy in order to get assignments done. I love every single moment of it.

However, in order to advance in this career path and make the right contacts, I need to do more. Going back to school will help me with that. I’m going for a third undergraduate degree with a pair of minors that will, hopefully, be more beneficial in the long run for my overall career path. I will learn new things pertinent to my career, and I will learn about things that are especially relevant to my research areas and where I would like my career to take me.

The research skills I’ve honed over the course of my previous educational enterprises are extremely helpful in this endeavour as well. Now, I just have to hone a new set of skills, and hopefully get even farther than I’d ever considered going before.

Another benefit to this new educational pursuit is that I can do it all from home through the wonderous notion of distance education. I’ve already started taking classes. It’s a new experience, and something I have to get used to. I’m not at all accustomed to having this much liberty and freedom in my classes – so long as I finish assignments and exams within a certain time-frame, I’m good to go. It’s a little difficult to adjust my schedule with no hard deadlines, which I’m more used to, but I’m making it work.

This is a new chapter in a new adventure, and it’s going to be one wild ride.


~ by Aubrey Smith on July 25, 2016.

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