2016 Reading Roundup

Well. This was a year…. and I will leave that at that!

This year, I embarked, once again, on the great educational adventure, and began my studies for a third undergrad degree. While I’ve heard a lot of negativity about yet another undergrad degree, all I have to say is: stuff it. I’m doing this because I want to, and because it will help me get further in a career I kind of stumbled into (almost literally – there was some flailing involved).

Thankfully, this time around, I have a MUCH better grasp of time management, and scheduling. This allows me to both go to school full-time, as well as work full-time. I am pleased with where these two things are bringing me in the future, and I am very, very proud of myself. It’s not easy to pack it in and restart your career path in your mid-twenties. But I’m doing it, and I think I’m doing just fine.

I also accomplished a lot of personal goals, and started a lengthy personal project that I’ve shared snippets of over on ye olde Tumblr. Much of this was thanks to the help of my dearest friend, and platonic life-partner, Sir Sassy Pants (who has asked to remain relatively anonymous, but trust me, the nickname is spot on).

Somewhere between the sassing and the frustrated head-desking, we managed to get through this year together. We even plotted our way into taking over an alternate realm, becoming royalty, and drinking our combined weight in tea and wine while we commiserate and watch anime. It will be brilliant. My husband looked on both fondly, and bemused (then gave me glass upon glass of wine so as not to burn out in an anxious cycle of overthinking and flailing).

Now, onto the books!

My goal for 2016 was to read 50 books. I nearly made it! I read a total of 32 books – 64% of my original goal. Which is absolutely fantastic, compared to previous years! As I said, I’ve become much more skilled in managing my time, and finding time to relax, read, and review. Once again, I am quite proud of myself!

In previous years, I would usually do a run through of my ratings, and what not. I won’t be doing that. Instead, take a look at my Goodreads profile and see for yourselves what I’ve been up to. I can say, with absolute certainty, that Carry On stole the show this year. It is, by far, my favourite read of 2016.

I also started a new series, The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, which has stolen my heart, and my attention. I am so very, very smitten. I never would have considered the series had it not been recommended to me by a dear friend. Ben, if you’re reading this, you are Book Recommendation Royalty. I appreciate your thoughtfulness, and your sheer love and excitement for books! I have a list of everything you’ve ever recommended to me, and I am slowly making my way through! So, thank you! I am ever so grateful to have you as both a friend, and an avid book lover and reader.

Moving onto to 2017, I’ve downsized my goal to 40 books for the year. I feel that, with my academic work load, as well as my employment commitments, this is much more realistic and feasible. I started three different series of books last year, and I plan to get them all caught up to new releases. I also hope to expand my tastes, and try out new things.

I have also amassed a collection of trilogies, thanks to the generous gifts of gift cards from both Chapters and Amazon this year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tackle a trilogy or two – that would be great fun!

As this year begins, I am optimistic, and energized. I haven’t felt this content in a long time. I’ve made some changes this last year, I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve grown a lot. And I hope that these changes – for the better – are reflected in the year to come.

Here’s to a happy, and safe 2017, dear readers! Cheers!


~ by Aubrey Smith on January 1, 2017.

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